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Truck Driving Career Benefits

If you’re interested in a career as a Professional Truck Driving Industry and you have obtained your CDL license – congratulations!!!!! You are now about to enter a profession and career with some terrific benefits ………

  • Starting pay averaging $40,000 per year

    First year drivers average $40,000 to $45,000 their first year. Consider that you could possibly earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in as little as four weeks, the decision seems pretty simple!

  • Job Security

    Truck driver jobs can’t be outsourced to other countries like manufacturing has done. America’s truck drivers are responsible for delivery of America’s goods and necessities across the all states and good drivers are needed daily throughout our nation. The American Transportation Association (ATA) estimates a shortage of nearly 48,000 truck drivers, and the demand is expected to continue rising throughout the decade.

  • Medical Insurance and Dental Insurance

    A position as a truck driver comes with many benefits that are specific by employer. Medical and dental insurance are common perks in the truck driving industry. 

  • 401k Retirement Savings Plan

    Earn money for retirement as you navigate the highway! Assuming your employer has a plan – many do!

  • Life Insurance

    Enjoy competitive options for life insurance depending on your carrier of choice!  Assuming your employer has a plan – many do!

  • Paid Vacation and Sick Time

    Professional truck drivers need vacation time to unwind from work and sick time to recover from illnesses. The amount of paid time off a driver receives depends on the carrier’s offerings, and carriers are competing to have you on their team!

  • Flexible Schedule

    The type of license you earn (Class A CDL or Class B CDL) and whether you choose a position with local or long distance runs are factors affecting schedule. Luckily, you can control what professional direction to take by being able to choose your carrier! 

  • See the USA

    See and explore our great nation while getting paid! Professional Truck Drivers call the open road their place of business and are privileged to travel cross country and see landmarks and points of interest easily!! See all the great country of America has to offer!

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