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  • Maatson Trucking School
    Shayna Hubbard

    When I made the decision to become a truck driver, I needed a school that could teach me to confidently and safely handle a big rig. Being a young female, all of about five feet tall, who had never driven a manual transmission of any kind, I knew it was a huge task to ask of someone.  Some of the schools I interviewed just didn’t seem that interested in teaching someone like me.  When I contacted Manny at Maatson Trucking School LLC, he was just the opposite. He said he could help me accomplish the goal if I was willing to do my part.  Maatson sets you up with required lessons and works with your schedule to make the learning easy and affordable.  Manny is a master instructor, and his staff is well-trained and easy to work with.  Following the plan established by the school, I was able to pass my DMV Class A driving test on the first attempt.  I have nothing but the highest recommendation for Maatson Trucking School LLC.  It’s simply the best!

  • Trucking School Ventura
    Ren Farrar

    “I got my class A licence with much help from Mike, Manny, and Diego at Maatson Trucking School, very professional and flexible scheduling. Through the whole process from medical card to study material, to passing the driving test, and navigating the DMV’s system, I needed the help in all areas, and would recommend anyone to give themselves the same advantage with Maatson Trucking School. Thanks Guys!”.


  • Chance Young
    Chance Young

    Maatson Trucking School was my step forward into a new career they were eager to get me started and train me the right and safe way. Mike was very tentative and helpful in every aspect I needed to learn of being a safe and aware truck driver. The school staffs are all very helpful and welcoming and made me feel comfortable with every aspect of learning. Manny the school director is a very respectful and helpful trainer willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was ready for my CDL test. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking into obtaining a CDL license.

  • Ronald Ray Steele
    Ronald Ray Steele

    “If you’re looking for a trucking school look no further. Diego the School Administrator will get you set up quickly and explain everything to you. There are no hidden fees, you will be told everything up front. Mike Barnes was my instructor; he is very patient and will teach you everything you need to know quickly and efficiently. I passed the DMV test the first time and was well prepared thanks to Mike and the Maatson Trucking School staff.”

  • Trucking School Ventura
    Roger Hollis

    I would like to say Maatson Trucking School is a great place to get your class A license. They are very flexible on the schedule and take payments. The instructors are very patient and informative.  I was able to get my Class A license for less than $2 thousand. I had to take the behind the wheel test twice and they helped me with deducting a 100 off the fee because I only paid for one 3 hr DMV test. I was able to get my license in a little over 2 months because my work schedule. I would highly recommend this school there was no pressure and no gimmicks of an up sale everyone was honest and polite.

    Thank you very much.

  • Truck Driving School Ventura, CA
    Jesus Beltran

    I am a student at Maatson Trucking School. All I can say is that if you are interested in getting your CDL license there is no better school than Maatson, the manager/instructor Manny is a great teacher you will not be disappointed he is a professional! The staff is friendly (Diego) is very helpful to get you started!! So if you are looking for a school for your CDL license there is nothing better go with Maatson Trucking School and you won’t regret it . Manny or Mike will help you get your CDL both are very good they are very detailed!! I recently got my CDL license at the first try all thanks to Manny my instructor. I couldn’t be any happier now I can get my career started thanks to the school and Manny !

  • Truck Driving School Ventura, CA
    Shavkat Khaitov

    My name is Shavkat Khaitov and thanks in advance for taking your time and going on over my feedback about Maatson Trucking School in Ventura, CA.

    The first time I stepped in the office of the school, was September 2015.Diego provided me with all of the information needed in very professional and friendly way so I got signed up for the school right after that.

    From there Manny-Director of the school took over and got me started the training on September 15, 2015.

    There are a lot of good words to describe the school staffs, I can keep writing and writing, but I will try to be short and say with confidence that they are the “BEST” in the business.

    During my school I got to train with Manny and Mike. Both of them are highly trained real professionals with a long truck driving and teaching experience. They were both always very friendly, patient and shared every bit of their knowledge with me.

    Today, I took my DMV exam, I drove pretty well and tried to stay focused on the road all of the time. I mastered my backing skills, but still made small mistakes, due to a lot of stress and emotion I was going through. The most important at the end of the driving test I got to hear the words “Congratulations, you have passed”.

    First, I would like to be thankful to God, and then my new brothers from Maatson Trucking School Manny, Mike and Diego and also everybody who believed and encouraged me.

    I would definitely highly recommend to everybody who are planning to get their Class “A” Commercial driver license to make their choice towards “Maatson Trucking School” Ventura, CA.

    Thanks again guys for your patience.