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What is the Training Philosophy & Process?

At Maatson Trucking School we want you to understand our training philosophy is geared towards education of both safety skills and driving skills. Our training process involves one-on-one training (bi-lingual in Spanish available) with many hours spent training behind the wheel of the truck..

You will learn the skills necessary required for the DMV road test you will have to take and pass to receive your CDL.

Step #1 is to meet with a Maatson Enrollment Specialist to understand our training program and discuss your desires and driving record. Once enrolled in the Maatson Trucking School, a typical student follows the training journey outlined below:

  • Obtain Drug Test and Pass
  • Obtain Study Materials from Maatson and take written permit test with DMV.
  • Once Permit is obtained, begin lessons with Maatson Trucking School instructors.
  • Pass school evaluation of “readiness” to take the behind the wheel DMV test for CDL.
  • Upon passing school evaluation, schedule DMV appointment to take CLD test …… and pass!!!!

For Any Questions?

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